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All picks will be text directly to your phone number. This is our approach so you receive the plays with the most accurate lines immediately. The plays you receive are the exact plays and lines that Cigar bets himself. The majority of Cigar’s plays are 1u wagers and those are the plays that Cigar believes he has a decisive edge over the bookmaker. Occasionally, there will be 2u or 3u plays. Most days, Cigar will send out plays that he has leans or strong leans on. These plays are games that he likes but doesn't necessarily bet. Cigar recommends ½ unit wagers on these leans if you choose to play them.

Daily and/or weekly subscriptions are not offered because there will be some losing days and some losing weeks, BUT Cigar rarely has a losing month. His overall win percentage in 2020 was 58%! If you stay consistent, constant, and steady with your unit size, and don’t chase other action, Cigar will help you grow your betting bankroll long-term. Cigar recommends a 1u wager is 1% of your gambling bankroll.

Sports included in the subscription include: NFL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, NBA, MLB, UFC, Soccer, PGA, NHL, and Nascar.

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