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Cigar’s system is simple, Quality over Quantity. If you are an action junkie and need to bet all the Nationally televised games, there are plenty of handicappers on Twitter that can provide that service for you. Cigar only makes moves on games where he has a substantial edge over the book. Some days, Cigar won’t have any official plays because he never forces action. His system has only one goal, to make massive amounts of cash.


It is highly recommended that subscribers of Cigar plays stick firmly and solely to Cigar’s premium sports plays and don’t place any other wagers from other handicappers, Twitter cappers, or place impulsive bets just for action. Cigar knows that your bookie wants you to place many bets giving him the advantage and allowing the vig to eat away at your profits.


Cigar does all of the research and work for you, sports betting is his job and his life. You just have to stay disciplined and adhere to his plays. Cigar’s plays are primarily 1 unit plays, and are never more than 3 unit plays. 3 unit plays are extremely rare (just a few each year) and hit at a rate of over 80%. Staying disciplined to your unit size is essential to winning long term. Plays will be sent out via text message as soon as Cigar decides he is going to bet on it himself. The lines you get from Cigar will always be accurate lines that you should be able to get from your bookie.




Our mission at CigarPlays is to provide Gar's insider information and veteran handicapping knowledge to you so the bookie can be destroyed and you will increase your bankroll. When you win, we all win!


The vision at CigarPlays is to provide an honest service that truly cares about the success of our subscribers. All subscribers are important members of our CigarPlays family.

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